Onshore/ Offshore Job Vacancies

Work Location : Onshore/Offshore - West Malaysia

1) Safety Manager with Fire Watcher Certificate
2) SHO
3) HSE Inspector
4) Medic

NOTE : Open for Malaysia national ONLY

If you are interested, please submit your cv to z.zainalabidin@brunel.net

New deepwater GoM oil discovery -Mexico

Mexico - City of Mexico (Pemex) oil discovered a new oil field in the Gulf of Mexico in deep waters, "said President Felipe Calderón de México."

Supremus 1, 250 kilometers (155 miles) offshore Tamaulipas in 2,900 m (9.5134 feet) depth of water, was drilled to 1,100 m (3.609 feet) under the seabed.

The well is less than 40 km (25 miles) of the international maritime boundary between Mexico and United States.

Calderon said Pemex expects to confirm new reserves 3 p between 75 and 125 MMbbl of oil. Confirmed, Pemex will double its current reserves when combined with the recent discovery of Trion 1 tested.

Petrobras sign contract with GE Oil & Gas for subsea wellhead systems

Petrobras has signed $1.1 billion for underwater wellheads with GE oil & gas (NYSE: GE) signed. The contract provides for the supply of 380 wellhead systems and installation tools, which is made more than 75% of the parts in Brazil.

Petrobras plans allegedly the underwater wellhead install systems in various oil and gas offshore fields Brazil, including sub ALT.

The equipment is produced in the GE plant in Jandira, São Paulo, where GE has invested $30 million to increase the production capacity.

"Site Jandira was so that GE oil & gas, to world-class technology to make crucial and has prioritized Brazilian production, a critical component in local social and economic growth, said Fernando Martins, President of the subsea systems for GE in Latin America."

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