Oil rig/Offshore Platform

Oil rig is made of steel frame construction, built in the middle of the sea to drill the rock layers in the seabed. Rig was built to produce crude oil as petroleum and natural gas at sea. In Malaysia, the Petronas is a company which works to find and dig up the oil in the waters of Malaysia. Petronas is also working with foreign multinational companies like Shell and Exxon Mobil to conduct this drilling activity. So far, dozens of oil platforms have been built in the South China Sea .Basically, this rig has a mini-building for staff accommodation, landing a helicopter and a crude oil processing.

Type Platform
There are several types of oil rigs in the sea around the world. Among them are: -

Fixed Platform - The platform is built with the support leg is located and installed on the seabed to support the deck and other drilling equipment. Generally, the platform is installed on the sea with a depth up to 520m. Platform mini is a building where the wall construction including concrete , steel pipes for the accommodation of staff in large numbers.

Small Platform - The platform is built on the sea with a depth between 450m - 900m. The platform is small in size with the aim to be able to withstand any high winds because of the support legs on the rise. It used to work drilling and production of crude oil .

Semi-Floating Platform - The platform is built using the platform opposite the support leg is fitted with a float that could make it float on the surface of the sea . Since it floats, the rig can be moved, and moved to any desired destination and it is also equipped with an anchor. Platform is suitable for sea with a depth 180m - 1,800 m.

Easy Lift Platform - The platform of this type has the support legs can be lowered and raised by using hydraulics . Like the Eclipse Platform Floating platform has an anchor and can move towards the desired destination. Normally this type of platform is involved in drilling work.

Steady Support Platform - The platform of this type built to operate at sea at a depth of 2.000 m. These platforms are usually equipped with a system of power , exploring the deep sea where it acts as a support to the main platform.

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